Yes, We are Open & Safe!

Top 3 Reasons why Dental Care The Safest Building in Connecticut

We Fog the entire building with HOCL disinfectant: Between patients & throughout the building, several times a day. HOCL Disinfectant reduces 99.99% of bacterial and viruses

We have Medical grade Wagner Air Purifiers placed throughout the building to remove Mold, Odors, Smoke, Allergens, Bacteria & Viruses as small as .1 micron (smaller than the COVID viruses)

We installed Hospital-grade Germicidal UV light & Photohydroionization Advanced Oxidation & air filtration in the entire building. The air you breath is continuously circulating and being sanitized

All the Reasons why Dental Care is Safe

See All the measures we’ve taken for COVID-19 below:

We have developed new protocols, participated in special training programs & invested over $50,000 to massively and dramatically reduce the risk of disease transmission to both staff & patients in our office.


Before Treatment:

  • Daily temperature checks & COVID-19 screenings for all staff
  • Patient temperature checks & COVID-19 screenings before office entry
  • Hand sanitation on entry
  • Thoughtfully reduced & widely spaced patient visits
  • Skip the waiting room & go directly to an isolated treatment room

During dental treatment:

  • Anti-bacterial & virus mouth rinse before treatment to neutralize aerosols
  • A new in-mouth suction system from DrySheild
  • FDA & CDC approved surgical masks
  • 3-step surface disinfection: spray, wipe, spray
  • Regular use of Biological Indicator Test Kits
  • Plexiglas barriers for separation

The same great people with an abundance of enhanced disinfection systems.