Digital Radiographs

New low radiation digital x-ray center makes dental x-rays fast, easy and safer than ever!

Low Dose Digital X-rays are the newest improvement in dental diagnostic imaging. Now your child can have their dental x-rays done electronically, almost instantly appearing on our computer screen, with up to 75% less radiation. The benefit to our patients is that you would need eight years of these new state-of-the-art low dose digital x-rays to equal one year of the regular dental x-rays. The x-rays are also better because we can optimize the brightness and contrast, as well as enlarge them for easier viewing.

These low dose digital x-rays are just one more example of our commitment to bringing the best of dentistry to our patients. Click here for more information concerning X-Rays.

High Tech, Low Dose Digital X-rays give instant x-ray examination and diagnosis and require up to 75% less radiation for the patient

New High Technology Dental X-rays eliminate the need for X-ray films in your child’s mouth for more comfort

Digital panoramic x-ray shows both the baby teeth in the patient’s mouth as well as the new permanent teeth that are still developing in the jaw bone under the gumline. Low dose digital x-ray lets the dentist evaluate the the child to be sure that the permanent teeth are growing properly.

You can see how the baby teeth are important for chewing and are holding the place for the permanent teeth so that they can come in at the proper time. (Note: This demonstration panoramic x-ray is typical of a 7-9 year old child)

Laser Flourescence “Microdentistry” Caries Detection

A new technique finds cavities that lie beneath the surface (as shown here to the right).

Introducing a new tool

At Dental Care of Stamford to help us detect the invisible…..

Diagnodent helps detect dental cavities at the earliest possible stage so that the most appropriate treatment can be designed for you. More accuracy — less guesswork.


Measurements from Diagnodent, together with conventional diagnostic tools and valuable professional judgment, will help determine whether to monitor suspect areas over time and treat them with preventive therapy such as fluoride and sealants, or to restore them with minimally invasive techniques (micro-dentistry).

Diagnodent is the exciting result of years of research by leading dentists and scientists at universities in Switzerland, Scotland and Germany.

Cross-Sections of a Molar
X-Ray Shows Hidden Decay in the Molar that was Cross-Sectioned
Cross-section 1 of the molar with medium cavity but with no visible opening in the tooth
Cross-section 4 of the molar showing the large cavity which is nearly into the nerve of the tooth but has a barely visible opening from the groove.
Cross-section 13 of the molar shows tiny opening from the pit of the tooth but a 12X larger cavity underneath the opening.